Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Magna cum Murder

Well, unsurprisingly, it was a great con.  The setting was beautiful in a “grand old manor” way – marble floors, mullioned windows, carved oak paneling on the walls.  The only problem was in the dining room most in use.  Apparently only one chef showed up, so the wait for a meal was enormously long.  I came late to the first breakfast and so didn’t really notice it the first morning, and a little late to the second (I went next door to church), and on walking in several people sitting at tables with nothing to eat on them said, “Don’t sit down, go somewhere else!” so I went across the street to Starbucks.

The panels were really interesting.  I especially liked the one that discussed the morality and ethics of murder mysteries.  How have values changed over the years?  What is the author’s responsibility to uphold values and/or express his/her own?

Ellen and I are in a holding pattern today – Monday.  My sister is flying in tomorrow and Ellen is flying home.  My sister and I will drive to Illinois for the start of a Pulver family reunion.  Will be interesting, might even be fun.

And now it’s Tuesday.  I found a laundromat but only took half the dirty clothes to it (I’m getting tired already!).  My sister’s plane lands at 1:40 and Ellen’s plane leaves at 4.  We’ll have a couple of hours for the three of us to talk, then Dolores and I will drive to Marshall, IL.

Ellen found the finished but flawed Peter Brichter ms (Die by the Sword) and copied it for me after reformatting it.  Also the unfinished one (Good Intentions).  I took a peek at the finished one, it’s not bad, so I may go back to work on it.  There was a stir of interest at Magna cum Murder when I mentioned them, so maybe . .

Here I am at Magna:


Betty Hechtman said...

I love the hat and the bright colors!

Anonymous said...

Me, too!

Liza said...

You ladies look like you're having way too much fun, haha! This is my first time visiting your blog series, but I'll definitely be back.

Monica Ferris said...

Welcome to the blog, Liza! Keep commenting, it keeps us bloggers on our toes.