Friday, December 25, 2015

Christmas 2015

It’s a crazy Christmas. They’re wearing shorts and shirt sleeves in New York and here in Southern California there was talk of the 5 Freeway possibly closing due to snow. Where I am there is no snow and for the moment not even a hint of rain. It’s clear, brightly sunny and wild with wind. Outside the leaves are shaking and even inside I can feel the light dry air subtly brush against my bare legs.

Shortly I will venture out into my backyard and peek over the back fence to get a really good look at what is going on now that all the construction people aren’t there. A developer is building a monster house and they are working on the backyard now. It isn’t just nosiness. The house and yard are at the center of HOOKING FOR TROUBLE, the crochet mystery I’m working on right now.

We don’t do much for Christmas anymore. I crocheted gifts for my son and daughter-in-law which I will give them at dinner. It’s become our tradition for the past few years to go to a wonderful Indian restaurant not far away.

And then tonight the yard will be lit with the full moon. So bright that it makes shadows.


Shiya Priya said...
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Linda O. Johnston said...

I feel that California chill every time I take my dogs outside, Betty. And I'm delighted to say I got to see that brilliant full moon a lot over the last couple of nights. Great that you can use a not-so-pleasant situation as a background for a novel!

Betty Hechtman said...

Linda, the moon was spectacular as it rose from the horizon.