Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Tis The Season

I'm enjoying this holiday season so far, and it promises to go on for several more weeks thanks to upcoming family visits in January. 

Last weekend was particularly fun, since I attended three writing-related events close together.  I usually go to the chapter meetings for both the Orange County and Los Angeles chapters of Romance Writers of America, but they're generally on different weekends. OCC meets on the second Saturday of the month, and LARA on the third Sunday.  But this month they were on the same weekend thanks to the holidays.  And on top of that, I also attended the Mystery Writers of America L.A. Chapter's holiday party on Sunday evening. 

I'm also attending a number of online holiday parties, mostly on Facebook.  They sometimes involve giveaways. 

So, by the way, does Killer Characters all this month.  My blog post, or rather my character's, is on the 18th as always.  And I'm doing a drawing for a copy of KNOCK ON WOOD.  The winner will be one of the people who comments on my--er, my protagonist Rory's--post.  And check there other days, too, for more Killer Characters giveaways.


It's cold enough in L.A. now, especially at night, that it's reminiscent of this time of year during my childhood in Pittsburgh, although there's been no snow.  But wind.  Lots of wind.  And a whole lot of wind-chill.  It doesn't seem to bother my dogs, though.  They want to go outside as often as usual. 

In fact, Lexie is barking at me as I write this.  Guess it's time to go brave the chill again...




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Betty Hechtman said...

It's so funny. It was around the same temperature when I was in Chicago and the people were wearing shorts and going around with barely a jacket and here in L.A. we're all hunkered down with with Ugg boots and down jackets.