Friday, January 8, 2016

An Apple a Day

I had big plans for this blog. I was going to write about Hawaii complete with photos, but then I hit a roadblock. I brought my new MacAir with me and keeping running into things I don't know how to do - like deal with photos. I'm sure that once I know how to do it, it will seem very logical, but for now I'm going in circles.

The Apple store offers a free class which I haven't been able to take yet. I hope it clears things up. I do like the keyboard and the fact the laptop is so thin and easy to carry. It is nice to type on, but everything is different. I suddenly realized I didn't even know how to highlight text.

I just wasted all kinds of time trying to send photos to my computer from my iPhone. I realized that the email account I was sending it to had disappeared from the computer because the password got changed. There was a whole business of codes sent to my phone to get it back, but in the end, the photo isn't showing up in the account.

I have at least figured out how to work on the copy edit of Gone With the Wool my editor sent me the day before I left. The word processing program on the Mac opened the document.

By now it is late and I am too tired to try to figure out anything else, so this will have to do for my blog this week.


Linda O. Johnston said...

I've never tried any Apple products, Betty, but switching techy things is a challenge for me. Hope it works out well for you soon!

Planner said...

Apparently, an Apple a day keeps the photos away! Technology can either enable tasks or prevent them. I hope the planned Hawaii blog will appear here in the future.


Miriam Lubet said...

I hope the Apple class helps you. It helped me tremendously. I love my Mac but when things don't go well or I don't know how to do something I feel very frustrated. The free Apple phone help line is also wonderful. They are very patient and understanding with my non tech self. Good luck!

Betty Hechtman said...

Linda; I love a lot of things about the laptop and I'm sure I will all work out eventually.

Betty Hechtman said...

Planner, I'm still struggling with getting the photos from one device to another.

Betty Hechtman said...

Miriam, thanks for the advice. I didn't know there was a phone number.

Alison Henderson said...

I have to share my experience because it is so similar. Had no idea what to do with all our honeymoon pictures from Hawaii, so I uploaded them all the my Apple and found a program that rotates them randomly on my monitor after a minute. I sit back often during the day and fall back to that wonderful time and place.

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