Wednesday, March 9, 2016

And Still It Continues....

If you're reading this, you're probably tired of hearing how swamped I am.  I get it--and unsurprisingly I'm tired of being swamped!  But what's swamping me continues to change, at least a bit.  

Last week, among the other things I talked about--mostly conferences and writing--I mentioned a family visit.  Delightful?  Well, in some ways, since it's brought four generations together.  However, the most senior and the most junior members have become ill, from different things but dealing with their sicknesses is... yes, you've got it: time consuming.  And, more important, definitely concerning and worrisome.  I just hope they both get better fast.  In fact, I'm using all the superstitions I can think of as the author of the Superstition Mysteries to wish them well, including crossing my fingers and knocking on wood.

I've been able get a little writing in--emphasis on a little.   

Anyway, I'm keeping this blog entry short since I need to get back to helping and, hopefully eventually, writing. 

And I hope whatever is keeping you busy involves your writing, reading, or other work or fun stuff and not illnesses.


Betty Hechtman said...

Good luck with everything! It definitely sounds like you have your hands full.

Linda O. Johnston said...

Thanks, Betty--and yes, I do.