Tuesday, March 15, 2016


All I did was stand up, honest.  Tuesday evening I stood up from my computer desk and instantly this dreadful pain gripped into my knee.  I thought it might be some kind of multi-faceted cramp and I put a warming salve on it but the next morning it was worse, hot and swollen.  I made an appointment with an orthopedics doctor who took some x-rays and thought he saw evidence that the padding between the joints was torn and ordered an MRI.  The results for that won't be available till tomorrow, Wednesday.  Meanwhile he gave me prescriptions for Tylenol 3 and Prednisone, which did no good at all, so Saturday I went to the emergency room, where it was immediately given two oxycodone tablets which sent me into a hugely relieving daze.  Also a leg brace that goes from ankle to hip and helps me move from chair to bed to wheelchair to bed.  And I have a prescription for the oxycodone which about to run out and is more precious than gold to me at present.  I actually managed to take a shower yesterday, another big relief.  I've lost six pounds, too, though some of that might be water as I have a fever off and on.  And I'm not eating much.  I wrote a whole paragraph of Tying the Know yesterday, however, so that's back in motion.  

And meanwhile, I'm back on Tylenol 3 - doubling the dose, using ibuprophen and Celebrex (which I take anyway) as supplements, and so far doing okay.

I wish had some other news to report, but seeing the world through the oddly-colored eyes of my meds, the report would be unreliable.


Christine Thresh said...

I am sorry for your distress. I hope you feel better soon.

Linda O. Johnston said...

Yikes! Feel better fast, Monica.

Anonymous said...

Feel better soon. I felt horrible reading it, I can't imagine how you feel experiencing it.