Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Tying the Knot

A riddle: What word begins with e and ends with e and has only one letter in it?

I’m going to put some photos with this blog entry.  One (or two) of the Ave Maria Cathedral, a modern take on the medieval version.  Strangely tall and narrow – no flying buttresses – with a complex interior ceiling made of bent steel beams.  It is in a town, also called Ave Maria, designed and built by the founder of Domino’s Pizza.  Most of the inhabitants, naturally, are Roman Catholic, and my niece Reggie, who took us there, says we should come by some Saturday when the kids are out of school, and see how many, many of them there are.

The figures standing on slopes at the back of the altar are the twelve apostles.

And a photo (or two) taken of Ellen and me at the Grand Ole Opry, wearing the famous cheese-head chapeau shaped like a cowboy hat.
The "Swiss cheese" holes in this context look like bullet holes.

I’ve given up trying to do an advance outline of the plot of Tying the Knot and have just jumped in.  That has happened before, though not often, turning the muse loose so the characters figure out the story and tell me as we go along.  It’s scary but fun.

Oh, yes, the answer to the riddle:  an envelope.


Linda O. Johnston said...

Hope you and your muse have fun!

Anonymous said...

All I can say about that church is WOW! Hope you find some way of putting it into your story (a fictional version, of course). It'd be great!

Monica Ferris said...

Thanks, Linda, I hope so, too.

That church was astonishing. Kind of oddly shaped on the outside, but WOW on the inside! I don't know how I'd weave it into a novel w/o living down there for a few months but . . . That might be nice, now I think about it.