Friday, April 15, 2016

Busy Week

I was surprised to see that the audio version of HOOKED ON MURDER is out. It seems like just a few weeks ago that I was okaying the copy art. I guess it doesn’t take that long to get it all together. I haven’t gotten my author copies yet, so the only option to hear what it was like was to listen to the sample on Amazon. I kept putting it off, not sure how I would react. I finally got up my courage and listened today. It was an interesting experience. Kind of like somebody had stepped into my imagination and was reading my thoughts out loud. Luckily, it won’t be such a personal experience for readers.

I have gotten requests from readers for an audio version of my books for a long time. Since a lot of my readers are also yarn crafters, they wanted to be able to listen and crochet or knit.

I have been in Chicago all week and watched as spring finally crept in. Though it has mostly been nose to the grindstone. SEAMS LIKE MURDER comes out in a couple of weeks and I am doing catch up in the promotion department.

Like after reading something from my publisher, I got the idea to check out Goodreads. I had set aside a couple of hours to update my author account. Only when I tried to sign in found that I didn’t seem to have an account. So, I created one, but then when I searched my name, it seemed like I did have an account. All my books were listed, including a big print version of Wound Up in Murder that I hadn’t even seen. There was a photo of me and a bio.

I spent the time I had set aside to work on updating, trying to figure out if I did have an account attached to a different email. When I’d gotten an email to each of the five email accounts I have telling me that there was no Goodreads account attached to it, I figured I really didn’t have an author account. Then came the convoluted route of trying to contact Goodreads and explain the situation.

Surprise to surprise, after getting an email saying it could take days to deal with my request, I heard from Arturo. He found my records and I don’t have an author account, but he offered to help me set it up. The only problem was that by the time I found his email on my many accounts, it was too late in the day for him to know that I’d accepted his offer. But I’m on the right track.

I’m also getting everything together to update my website which includes photos of the crochet project in the book. I usually use a dress form, but since I’m here and the dress form isn’t, I had to use my doll model.

How can it be that my time here is almost over? There was so much more I thought I would get done.

If you want to hear what HOOKED ON MURDER sounds like here is the link.


Planner said...

I just finished listening to Hooked on Murder, and it is beyond wonderful! The narrator, Margaret Strom, did an excellent job of bringing your characters to life. I especially loved how she voiced CeeCee. Your readers who enjoy audio books will be so pleased! I hope there will be more audio books in your future.

Linda O. Johnston said...

Having your books on audio is a great idea! I always listened to audio books when I had a long commute, but it's also fun if you have short distances to go--or, as you said, other things to do with your hands while you listen. And it's really great that someone was able to help you with your Goodreads account.