Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Going Forward

This is, or should be, a nice interim week.  I don't have many time commitments other than my writing--but still things seem to be interrupting. 

Nothing major, at least, but the interruptions--some just due to my own thoughts about too many interruptions--are slowing me down in finishing the first draft of the story I'm working on.  I'll still continue with it, of course.  And by the time I post here next week I'll be in the throes of getting ready to head to Malice Domestic.

I think part of my stress now is also from considering how busy my May will be, thanks largely to the publication of my second Barkery & Biscuits Mystery, TO CATCH A TREAT.  My launch party will be at Mysterious Galaxy in San Diego--on the day that is also their big birthday bash.  Should be lots of fun! 

But that's also the month I'll be doing a lot of stuff like a blog tour and chats and guesting on yet other blogs--and there'll also be a family visit.   

And my deadline?  June 1!  I not only have to finish this draft but also polish it and, hopefully, get it into my critiquers' hands in time for some feedback.
So, okay.  Here I go, back to my drafting.  Wish me luck that all goes smoothly

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