Friday, April 29, 2016

If They Only Knew

Just when I think I have nothing to write about, we do another seminar and dealing with all those people provides a new story. If they only knew.

So, part of my job is to do a reminder call the night before the seminar. I usually end up getting a bunch of voice mail answers. The messages are mostly all about the same, but yesterday there was one that belonged in a creepy movie. I’m going to tell you what the recording said, but you’re going to have to fill in the tone of voice. It was slow and deliberate, and totally serious.

“Roses are red, violets are blue. Sugar is sweet and so are you.” Her the voice changed and became ominous. “But the roses are dead and the violets are rotten. Maybe I’ll call you back (pause) unless I’ve forgotten.” All that was missing was a witchly cackle at the end.

Tonight, the people I called yesterday were to show up. When I make the phone calls, I make notes of the answers I get. Next to this woman’s name I had marked down creepy voice mail. We were running a little late, so a crowd had gathered before I started checking people in.

Most of the people were patient. One woman budded ahead and tried to check in first. I had her wait with the others, but when it was finally time to check everyone in, she still tried to get ahead of the crowd. No surprise, she was Miss Creepy Voice Mail.

She was wearing a hat, some knitted number meant for colder weather than we were having,strange fitting jeans and a disgruntled expression. Later as I was collecting the response sheets we give out, she and her husband got into a nasty argument. I steered clear of them. Little does she know that when I went back out to my post and my yellow pad of paper, she just became a character in the new thing I’m working on.

Next Tuesday is release day for SEAMS LIKE MURDER. Tell your friends! Also my website is updated. Check it out.


Planner said...

Roses are red, violets are blue. Those people make a good story; if they only knew!

Congrats on your upcoming book release! I can't wait to read Seams Like Murder and visit with my friends again. I've been dying to find out what happened since the last book. I pre-ordered the book, and I'm ready!

Miriam Lubet said...

I am wondering if the seminar people know that you are a writer.

Betty Hechtman said...

Planner, LOL.

Betty Hechtman said...

Miriam, mostly they don't know I am leading a double life.