Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Sisters in Crime Hollywood Event

I attended the Sisters in Crime Adapting to Hollywood Conference last weekend, as I'd mentioned on several blog posts before.  I enjoyed it a lot. 

My second Barkery & Biscuits Mystery TO CATCH A TREAT will be published in May.  Now I'm picturing its protagonist Carrie Kennersly showing up on my TV screen, or even a movie screen, solving mysteries in front of the world! 

So how likely is that to happen?  Well, for one thing, the conference had quite a few attendees who were interested in having the same thing happen to their protagonists.  And that was just one group of people.   

Lots of people--novelists, screenwriters and more--want to see their work produced. 

And do I really want it?  Well, yes--and no.  My idea of Carrie Kennersly is undoubtedly quite different from what a production company's view of her might be, and to get her on any screen I'd have to agree that they can change her. I'd like to receive the money, of course, and get the publicity that having a story or series of mine produced into a movie or TV show would bring.  Plus, it just sounds like a lot of fun!  Even so, losing control of my characters and stories would be difficult, I'm sure. 

By the way, I wrote more about the experience for my InkSpot blog this week.  Here's the link:

And also by the way, I'll be attending the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books next weekend, signing at some mystery booths and volunteering at others and at a romance writers' booth.  If you're there, come see me!  And if you're not there, that might be because the thunderstorms they're predicting (yes, in LA!) are actually occurring. 

Back to Hollywood.  I have other mystery series that could also be made into movies or TV shows...  Okay, guess it's time for me to get real here.  But are there any series or characters you'd like to see go to Hollywood?


Betty Hechtman said...

I forgot the Festival of Books is this weekend since I'm going to be out of town. That would be a first -- rain!

Linda O. Johnston said...

The predictions keep changing--but they always seem to come back to thunderstorms on Saturday and probable rain on Sunday.