Friday, May 13, 2016

It has been a killer week. There was the copy edit of HOOKING FOR TROUBLE to deal with. I was working on getting bookmarks printed for SEAMS LIKE MURDER, I discovered that the contact me part of my website wasn’t working and we have had three nights in a row of seminars. The last three days have been fourteen hour marathons. The good part is that our seminars this week have been at Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse and the food is amazing even for a vegetarian like me.

It is definitely true about using it or losing it. All this juggling of different parts of my life, dealing with learning new things and always being on the run has definitely sharpened my brain.
My memory even surprises me.

And all these seminars have sharpened my people skills. Most of our guests are very nice, but we do get some difficult people. Last night we had a guy was impatient about getting his entree. He came up to me and said “are we ever going to eat.” I assured him that the entrees were being cooked as we spoke. A few moments later, I saw him go into the restaurant serving area and start to fuss. Then he came up to me as the kitchen had said they were waiting for my okay to start serving the second course.

I really wanted to say something snarky to this guy. I had already picked up that he had to think he was in control and any snarky comment would just make him escalate. And I would be going down to his level which never comes out good. Just look at what happened to Rubio when he went down to Donald Trump’s level.

In other words, all I could look was bad along with the confrontation never ending. So, I just told him his steak would be there any minute and walked away. I let him win and let it go. Well, maybe not completely. You better believe he will never ever be getting another invitation from us. And he may just end up dead in a future book with a steak knife in his back.


Linda O. Johnston said...

Revenge via writing can definitely be fun, Betty. Isn't it great that we can get inspiration even in difficult circumstances?

Miriam Lubet said...

What a great comeback! You won not him. I love the part about putting him in a book.

Betty Hechtman said...

Yes, Linda it is nice to have a harmless outlet for revenge.

Betty Hechtman said...

Miriam, it really helps if you can keep your eye on the big picture.