Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Weekend, Work and Waiting

Last week I blogged about a weekend that was fun--except for the traffic.  That's because I went from L.A. to San Diego and back again for my book launch for TO CATCH A TREAT at the Mysterious Galaxy Bookstore.

This weekend was busy, though not as nuts.  I had three chapter meetings to attend for organizations I belong to: the Orange County Chapter of Romance Writers of America; LARA - Los Angeles Romance Authors, the L.A. chapter of RWA; and the Sisters in Crime Los Angeles Chapter. 

OCC met on Saturday a distance from my home, although traffic wasn't as bad as it could have been.  LARA and SinCLA both met on Sunday, and I also was doing a chat on Sunday evening to introduce--what else?--TO CATCH A TREAT.

I have to admit that I skipped the LARA meeting, even though the chapter meets not far from my home.  But as much as I'd have loved to network again with the members, the talk that day was on how to pitch your work, and that's not of great interest to me at the moment.  And I needed the time, considering everything else going on.

I did enjoy OCC on Saturday and SinCLA on Sunday, and had fun networking at both of them.  My online chat was held when I was alone, except for my dogs--my husband was out of town--and it was enjoyable to attempt to catch up with my racing screen as other people present at the chat corresponded and asked questions.

Now that weekend is over, too, and I have some time to write.  I'm polishing a draft of Barkery & Biscuits Mystery #3, one I can send to a friend for comments, then review again before I send it off to hopefully meet my June 1 deadline--or at least shortly thereafter. 

The timing is working out well, since although I have more to write (I always do!) and have some edits coming in soon, I'm also anticipating the arrival for a few days of my older son, d-i-l and two young grandsons.  Can't wait!  But I also know I won't get much work done while they're here. 

They're worth it!


Betty Hechtman said...

Enjoy your family's visit!

Linda O. Johnston said...

Thanks, Betty. I will!