Wednesday, June 22, 2016

LA Heat

I live in LA.  It's currently hot here in LA, although the high temperature has gone down a few degrees since Monday.  More is anticipated, though.

Living here, we hear a lot about terrible weather people experience in other parts of the country, but Southern California weather tends to be nice and bland.

Which isn't good these days since we're getting almost no rain.  And now we're breaking some heat records.

Fortunately, there's air conditioning.  There are also power outages that result from this kind of weather and the use of air conditioning.  I was to meet a friend for lunch yesterday in a shopping area in the middle of the canyon road Beverly Glen, but I heard early about a power outage that was making traffic even more unbearable than usual in that area.  I called her, and we changed the day.

And then there are my dogs.  We keep them trimmed, but they still have fur coats.  Lexie's favorite spots in the house these days are on tile bathroom floors, or, better yet for her, lying just in front of the spewing air conditioner vent.

So how does this affect my writing?  Fortunately, I'm generally still able to sit and plot and write, while keeping my home comfortably cool.  Of course I waited till much later to run the dishwasher the other day than I would have otherwise, to do my part for the Flex Alert that asks people to use power as much as possible outside peak usage times.  Oh, and yes, even before the drought I made sure to pack as much stuff as possible in my dishwasher to conserve at least some water.

I always sympathize with people who are having to live with weather that's not much fun.   Some can get a whole lot worse than heat, of course. 

But I still look forward to when we cool off!


Betty Hechtman said...

I was sweating there with you. Then just as it cooled down in L.A., we went to Las Vegas where it was 109.

Ambrose said...

That happened at my place last summer. Fortunately, my parents, who lived in an unaffected area, allowed me to stay with them. Thank God they had and still have a great cooling system that the installer said would be good to take for many years to come. So far it shows no sign of slowing down.