Friday, July 22, 2016

Hot July Night

We were cat sitting again. This time no disappearing cats since we know where Kitten aka Kona hides. We also learned how to get her to come out of her hiding place. Just sit nearby and she appears wanting attention.

Spyderman is happy as long as someone turns on the sink and lets him drink to his heart’s content.

There is no photo of Buttercup. She is still playing shy and hiding under the bed.

Meanwhile it has gotten hot with a vengeance. The high today was 106 degrees and tomorrow is supposed to be 108 with clouds which means humidity. Ugh! A good day to sit by the computer and pound out a story.

I got some relief from the sizzling San Fernando Valley yesterday. We went down to our office in South Bay and then to the ocean for a walks at sunset afterwards. It seemed like the whole world had the same idea. The whole area was clogged with people. We stopped at the end of the pier. I saw something black coming in and out of the water - a dolphin perhaps?

Then the ride home was amazing. The full moon was just coming up, so it seemed gigantic. I kept watching it as we drove along the 405. There was this moment as we passed LAX that a wisp of cloud covered part of the moon just as a plane about to land flew in front of it. Too fast and too dark to get a photo, but it was one of those magical moments that will stay etched in my mind.

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Linda O. Johnston said...

Cute cats! And your ocean outing and moon viewing sounded fun.