Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Three Goals, One Met

I went to a golf driving range on Sunday and discovered that I can hit a ball without falling down.  But I lost so much muscle during my illness that my best “drive” is less than thirty yards.  I’ll keep working on that.  My goal is to play a round of par-three, nine-hole golf by the end of summer.

Another goal is to finish my needlework project of a skeleton dancing happily through a graveyard.  It’s close to done; if I can get it finished by August 9, I can enter it at our State Fair.  I know I can finish the stitching, but how to get it “finished,” that is, framed by the deadline?  Finishers need several weeks lead time – and we’re within range of that as of right now.

If I can’t get it done, I’ll enter it next year.  It’s coming out great!

Oh, and for a goal realized, go to Amazon.com and look among the self-published books for Minnesota Vice by Ellen and Mary Kuhfeld, hot off the press.  It’s a collection of previously published short crime-fiction stories we wrote individually and collectively.  Price is a very reasonable $2.99.


Linda O. Johnston said...

Lots of goals, and you're fulfilling them, too. Congrats!

Betty Hechtman said...

Congrats on getting out the book of stories!

Monica Ferris said...

In case anyone is interested, here's the link to the Minnesota Vice ebook: