Sunday, July 31, 2016

What Is in My Witch's Hutch...

Creativity feeds creativity. This week I've been working on two short stories for various anthologies. They've been challenging to write, as they don't involve the characters I know best, Kiki and Cara Mia. Several times, I've had to step back and take a macro view.

I ask myself these questions:

* Did I start this story in the right place?
* Have I done the right amount of description, but not too much?
* Is my research accurate?
* Does the story move along at a good pace?
* Is there a satisfying resolution at the end?

Typically, I would take a long walk on the beach and think all this over. However, after reviewing the Xrays of my right foot, doctors have advised me to walk as little as possible.

Instead, I've used crafting as a way to disengage. And it's possible, entirely possible that I've gone too far! Chris and I decided that for our second Dollhouse Decor & More book, we'd focus on Halloween. Miniaturists LOVE witches' cabinets. (Go to Etsy or Pinterest and you'll see there are tons of them for sale.) I decided to tackle my own version. Of course, buying the stuff to fill it would have been easy, but that was beside the point. I also didn't want it to be too cute. I wanted to straddle a line between gothic and fun.

I'll post a list of everything in the cabinet on my Facebook page,


Jeannie D. said...

I LOVE it! I will look forward to seeing what you made all of it out of.

Linda O. Johnston said...

I didn't know there was such a thing as a witches' cabinet, but how fun! Hope your foot heals fast, and good luck with your short stories.

Joanna Slan said...

Jeannie, it's mainly-mostly trash. A little paperclay. Stuff like that.

Joanna Slan said...

Linda, just learned that one of my short stories has been accepted somewhere. (My lips are sealed.) That was a great confidence boost!

Christine Verstraete said...

Looks great!!!