Friday, August 5, 2016

A Tale of Yarn

I was going through some stuff and I found a ball of yarn that I bought at the Knit and Crochet Show a number of years ago. They were just beginning to show all the novelty yarns and this yarn was one of them. The person at the booth where I bought it, showed me how to use it and I thought I understood, but when I went to try to crochet with it, I couldn’t figure it out.

So, it has been sitting in a bag for a long time lost among my overflowing stash of yarn and partially finished projects. But time has passed and I have used some of the ruffle yarn and crocheted a lot more since then. I took it out of the bag and started to play with it. And this time it was easy to figure out how to crochet with it. It’s so funny that I was so confused before and now it seems to simple. I still think I would have trouble knitting with it, but I’m happy I figured out any way to use it. Plus, I like the way it’s turning out.

It is just the kind of thing to take on the road. I’m getting ready to head to Chicago and then on to Green Bay, Wisconsin for Writers Police Academy. For the first few years, it was held at a public safety community college near Greensboro, North Carolina. Then last year, it moved to a public safety college near Appleton, Wisconsin. It was an amazing facility. There was even a plane to use for workshops.

The hotel we stayed at in Greensboro was in the middle of nowhere. I really mean the middle of nowhere. It was next to the freeway and a lot of trees. So, the only place to eat was the hotel we were staying in, which had one restaurant that seemed to be out of servers and food.

Last year, we stayed at a hotel in downtown Appleton, which was a nice change. There were options for eating and just walking around. The only short coming was my room. It had one of those automated locks and I kept getting locked out of it. It was so bad that when they sent a maintenance man to open it, he couldn’t get it open either.

The hotel in Green Bay is attached to a casino. I’m not sure if it is like Vegas and goes 24/7, but at least it does have a food court that hopefully will have some vegetarian options besides deep fried cheese curds.

It is always a very intense weekend, with buses leaving at 7 a.m. for the facility and not coming back until around 5:30 and then there’s stuff in the evening. I have always stopped in Chicago before heading home, but this time I can’t because we have seminars the next week.

At least I’ll have something relaxing to work with on the flight home.


Linda O. Johnston said...

How fun that you've learned to use your novelty yarn. And have a great time at the Writers Police Academy! If they happen to have K-9s I'll really regret not going.

L aura's Reading said...

This will be my first year at WPA and I admit to being a little bit intimidated.
The advance warnings about only bring what you can carry and don't park at the college due to live explosives and gunfire, etc. Intimidating but so exciting!

Your yarn sounds like a lot of things in life. Sometimes we have to step away. It is not yet the right time but a fresh look makes things clearer at a later date.

Betty Hechtman said...

Linda, they always have k-9s and their trainers. In past years there has been a chance to talk to the trainers and get close to the dogs.

Betty Hechtman said...

Laura, I have been to WPA a number of times and it is always great. I have always taken the bus with the group so never was concerned with parking. Don't worry, you'll have a great time. Hope I run into you.