Monday, August 8, 2016

Using My Brain for Halloween

Yes, between all this writing stuff, I am still making miniatures!

Thanks to slave-driver, I mean friend and fellow author Joanna Campbell Slan, I did some more work on some stuff in my favorite holiday, Halloween. (Funny thing is, I've made a bunch of gory stuff in the past for my haunted house (pictured on my website page) and this time, it seems I'm making more "cute" stuff.  I write about zombies and Joanna is creating some freaky and gory stuff. Go figure. :)

Oh, hey, I've done my share of gory before.... I've used my "brains." haa!

Here's a couple pix of some of my Haunted meals I made in the past... yum! Finger sandwich anyone?  

And no, it's not too early to talk about. I've already looked at both Halloween and Christmas stuff at Hobby Lobby!

The good thing about Joanna doing her gory stuff is that is I'll get to try my hand at a bunch of different things since she's come up with some cool ideas!  (Do share!) So I'm gonna try shrinking them down more to fit my yet-to-be-built half-scale haunted dollhouse  (6 inches = 1 foot) that I've been saving and collecting for...  Though I might have to do a book box with her ideas, too.

Here's a bed I just designed and made (for our Halloween book project) and for my house. (Have to get a better pic yet.) It's not spooky as I wanted an "elegant" piece. I will make some other spookier items, of course... 

Right now I'm "brain-storming" an idea... I have the neatest tiny resin ornament of a witch's head, and I think it may just be the right size to attach to a body to make a half-scale witch... I might make a mold of it, too. The face is too perfect not to use!

Faces, heads, bodies, brains... 

Maybe it's the upcoming release of Lizzie Borden, Zombie Hunter that has me getting in a Halloween mood early!  Coming Sept. 13!  

Yes, I've got Lizzie Borden and zombies on the brain 24/7. (Brains, get it? haa!) Ok, I'll stop. 
I just can't help myself. 


L aura's Reading said...

I always love new ideas for my fairy villages. Halloween is a huge holiday for the Fae as well. I will treat myself to a haunted tour at your site after I've actually done something this morning to deserve a break.

Linda O. Johnston said...

Oh, my. Not sure I'd want to have dinner at your house around Halloween. But they certainly look like fun!