Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Ordering Online and More

What I'm blogging about today isn't nearly as great as last week, when I described SMART, the Specialized Mobile Animal Rescue Team, my friendship with them, and the new film about them--although I might do that again soon since I may go to another showing of the film. 
But one fun thing I did was to go see a production of The Fantasticks at the Pasadena Playhouse.  That show has been part of my life since I was the age of the teenage female character Luisa.  My high school did a production, too, and I was script girl.  (No, I can't sing.)  I pretty much remembered the script and the lyrics and found it interesting that over time the production has been changed to be more P.C. than the original.  Most people there wouldn't have known it, though.  I've seen many versions of the show at different stages of my own life so I can identify with different characters each time.  I really enjoyed it, including the room at the playhouse filled with pictures and memorabilia of The Fantasticks. 
This week I also want to talk about a different kind of experience I had which was fun: ordering dog food online and by phone.
 Boring, you say?  Well, it turned out not to be. 
My younger dog Mystie eats prescription dog food because of a digestive track problem.  I used to buy it from her vet but the price kept being raised and I found a less expensive online source.  Then I started getting ads on Facebook from other companies that sell pet food.  I happened to receive a coupon from one of them that I promptly misplaced, but I nevertheless looked at their site and saw that they sell the prescription food we need.  It was cheaper than the source I'd been using, plus that first source's website never seemed to work right. I had to give it a try. 
Time to order.  I began filling out the online order form and realized I had a question.  Since I'd been ordering food by phone from the earlier source, I didn't hesitate to call. 
What a fun experience!  The guy who answered could see what I had already filled out online, and he was easily able to answer my questions.  Plus, he was really friendly.  We wound up talking about dog food and dogs and all sorts of related stuff for nearly half an hour.  I was surprised he was able to do that without losing his job--but then again, as we talked, I thought of other foods and treats and other dog-related items that I would ultimately need for my dogs and asked if he had them.  I didn't order anything else yet but there are a couple of things I will most likely order in the future from them. 
My order is supposed to be delivered no later than today,so we'll see how that goes.  And my mind, as usual, is mulling over how I can use the experience in a book. 
But though I've ordered other stuff online, this has been the most fun.  Have any of you had a similar--or a better, or worse, experience? 

And do you have a show or play that means something different to you each time you see it?


Betty Hechtman said...

It's great how your online ordering went. I have seen the Fantasticks only once in the Richard Basehart theater which is no longer.

I love Same Time Next Year - the movie and have seen it countless times. Alan Alda starred in it and I was walking behind him at a funeral of a mutual friend. I was so close to tapping him on the back and saying how much I love that movie, but it seemed kind of inappropriate and I didn't.

I have also read Marjorie Morningstar by Herman Wouk at different times of my life, starting with when I was about thirteen. It is interesting to see how different the story seemed depending on my age.

Linda O. Johnston said...

It's been a long time since I've seen Same Time Next Year or read Marjorie Morningstar, but I can see how you could make them part of your life!