Friday, November 4, 2016

Change of Plans

My plan was simple. I would mix in going to two Barnes & Nobles with going to our South Bay and Long Beach offices today. Since HOOKING FOR TROUBLE was released on Tuesday, I’d see it the shelves for the first time. I’d sign the stock and maybe take a few pictures. Then I’d blog about it.

Well, I went to the Long Beach store first and went to check the cozy section. They had lots of my books in both series, but no copies of HOOKING FOR TROUBLE. So, I thought they might be in New in Mystery or on the bestseller tower, since that’s where I’ve found my new releases before when they weren’t with my other books.

Not this time.

So, I asked the clerks at customer service. First, I had to get them to understand that I’d written the book I was asking about. Then they checked their computer and said 5 copies were ordered, but not there yet.

The Torrance store had order 9 copies, but they weren’t there yet either. So no signing stock, no books on the shelf to take pictures of and no thrill of seeing the books on the shelves to blog about.

There’s always next week.

It wasn't part of the plan, but I ended up going to Buy Buy Baby to buy a stroller/car seat for my soon to be born grandchild. It’s been a long time since I looked at baby stuff, other than passing through the department at Target and admiring all the cute toys.

I could not believe the change in things since my son was small. The selection of strollers was crazy. The selection of everything was crazy. There is so much stuff that I guess people now think they have to have. I remember my son’s favorite stroller. It was an umbrella stroller and cost $20 (35 years ago). Now the strollers have drink holders and snack holders, plastic covers to keep out the weather, seats that become car seats and lots of other features. Oh, and they cost a whole lot more

I had something called a Snugali for my son. It was cloth, had straps that went around my shoulder and gave him a place to ride in the front. After that I used a sling to carry him around. It was just a strap and a piece that unfolded for him to sit in. I looked at what they have now. Yikes. They were so complicated and there were so many warnings on them. Who would have thought that my Snugali would be considered a death trap.

I didn’t get any further in the store. I took one look at the row of what I guess are what goes as infant seats now and I’d had enough.

Who would have thought that baby stuff was so complicated? And the big question how is it that we all managed to survive without it?

Hopefully next week I’ll have a photo to share of HOOKING FOR TROUBLE on the shelves somewhere.


ldosborn said...

My copy of "Hooking for Trouble" arrived on Tuesday, preordered. My first good laugh was finding that the "girls" had morphed My Man Dan into My Guy Bill. That's OK, they are getting older and can use poetic license ! I loved the whold story, especially the ending, and have only one concern--this isn"t the last of the series, is it ? I can see that it could be, and certainly hope the adventures of the whold group will go on ! There are all sorts of new ideas to spin off now--don't stop ! Linda

Anonymous said...

I hear you on the baby equipment! My umbrella stroller and snugali in the early 80's were such a great help. Also the Johnny jumpup which probably now be considered too dangerous! Thanks for sharing.

Betty Hechtman said...

ldosborn, I'm go glad you enjoyed the book. I remember that I did catch the name of the song being wrong, but I think I had already screwed it up in a previous book, so left it as is.

It is not the last book in the series. But the next one will be with a new publisher and an e-book only. The good news is that it will be cheaper. It will come out next November.

Betty Hechtman said...

Anonymous, it sounds like we shopped at the same store. We had a Johnny Jumpup, too. I guess they haven't been declared a death trap because my daughter in law said one of her friends has one. But I bet it is a new an "improved" version.

ldosborn said...

Oh no ! I no longer even have a device to download e books. I need to hold a real book in my hand ! Linda

Linda O. Johnston said...

Hope your books show up at all locations soon. And I understand what you're saying about kids' stuff. My grandsons are now 3 and 4, and the gear and toys are so different from what they used to be!

Miriam Lubet said...

I have a "real" book of all your books so I can keep them and collect them. Now I'll have one on my nook that doesn't match. But at least I'll have it.

Betty Hechtman said...

ldosborn, if you have a smart phone or a tablet you can get the Kindle app for free. I like paper books as well, but e-books have their good points too.

Betty Hechtman said...

Linda, there are some classic toys still around. I still have some when my son was small. I wonder what his son will think of them.

Betty Hechtman said...

Miriam, I like your attitude.

ldosborn said...

I let one of the kids have my husbands Kindle when he passed away. I will have to get something for future use ! Also, you can find many baby items (new) on Amazon and other online sites. Just don't stumble into one of the super baby stores like Bergstroms--unless you are looking for a $600 plus stroller ! Better take your kids along--many people want the combo set up where the car seat rides on top of the stroller for the tiny ones. Car seats are another whole world of confusion !!!

Betty Hechtman said...

ldosborn, I did get a stroller and car seat combo, but I got the one my son and daughter in law picked out. I heard there are now all kinds of baby bottles. I nursed my son so they were never an issue, but I think there was just one kind.

I really wonder if all this stuff is an improvement.