Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Cold or Not?

Happy last day of November, everyone.

As you probably know, I live in Los Angeles.  My home is in the area known as the Hollywood Hills.

I grew up in the east and was therefore acclimated to cold weather, and even snow though I never really learned to drive in it.  I've also been in L.A. during genuine cold spells years ago, when there were actually a few snow flurries.

Now, though, things tend to be more moderate.  This week, the lows are actually getting down into the 40s at night, but the highs are in the 60s and 70s.  And I can't tell you how many people are complaining about how cold it is, even in the late morning and early afternoon!  It's all relative, I suppose.

Me?  Well, I can get a little chilly, especially at bedtime.  I do put on socks often this time of year, since if my feet are warm the rest of me tends to be warm enough, too.  And I do put on a sweater sometimes when walking our Mystie just before sundown.  But during the day, while watching a lot of people with jackets and hoodies and sweaters, I'll generally wear something with long sleeves and feel fine.

I can understand what those of you reading this who actually live in cold climates must be thinking.  But no, I'm probably not going to come visit you for a reminder of what cold is really like.

For now, I'm sitting in my office writing.  My fingers are a little cold despite the furnace being on.  Our thermostat says it's about 69 degrees.  Our house is well insulated so it tends to hold onto the chill or heat inside without drawing in what it's really like inside, at least not at first.  I think I can write just as well in winter as in other times of the year--so I'd better get back to it now!  I'm still working on my first K-9 Ranch Harlequin Romantic Suspense book... but its deadline is approaching.

Stay comfortable--and enjoy your first week in December!


Betty Hechtman said...

So funny to read your blog just after posting mine with all my whining about being without heat.

Monica Ferris said...

Many years ago Ellen and I went to the Big Island of Hawaii in January from Minnesota. Ahh, lovely warm, and I was glad to go to church one Sunday in a flimsy top and skirt - and surprised to see everyone else there in heavy sweaters and jackets. The pastor called on visitors to tell where they came from, and when I said Minnesota, the entire congregation went, "Ahhhhhh," and "I see." LOL

Linda O. Johnston said...

I suppose that feeling cold is a relative thing, no matter what the temperature. But I do admit we've been running the furnace some since my husband gets chilly a lot. I just roll up my sleeves to cool off.