Wednesday, November 16, 2016


As I mentioned last week, I'm busy with my writing.  I've mostly finished my changes to PROTECTOR WOLF, my upcoming Alpha Force Harlequin Nocturne paranormal romance.  I'm eager to get back to working on my new K-9 Ranch Harlequin Romantic Suspense book.   And in the meantime, there's something else I've been working on that I can't discuss, at least not yet.  It may go nowhere--but as the writer of the Superstition Mysteries I can definitely tell you my fingers are crossed!

The rest of my life besides my writing is going on, too.  Thanksgiving is coming, and I'm preparing for that.  I've been walking Mystie, my remaining dog, more than before.  I've also been looking for a companion for her--another Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.  Well, also as a companion for me, and for my husband.  We still miss Lexie a lot.  We've no intention of trying to replace her.  She was very special.  But the house seems emptier to us now, despite all the additional attention we've been giving Mystie and how much she's been demanding of us.

I've probably said here before how much of a hypocrite I am.  I cheer and applaud people who take in rescue dogs.  However, I'm very unlikely to do so since I'm addicted to Cavaliers, and they wind up with certain health problems, particularly heart issues, especially if they're not from breeders who have the parents checked often.  You often don't know where rescue dogs come from--possibly puppy mills--and it's not easy to find Cavalier rescues anyway, especially those whose health is likely to be good. 

I've therefore been contacting breeders I've found online who belong to reputable Cavalier clubs.  I'm not in a big hurry to find a puppy but wish the process was easier.  I used to have good breeder contacts but they're no longer having puppies.  So, I'm sending out emails. 

Some of the breeders respond fairly quickly, let me know when they're likely to have puppies and when to contact them again, and even make recommendations of others I can contact.  Others never respond at all, or at least they haven't yet.  I've filled out forms for a few who want to make certain that people on the waiting list for their puppies have good living situations for them and will take good care of them. 

That's us, of course.

Anyway, it's a good thing I'm not in a hurry since I've no idea when I'm likely to find the right breeder with the perfect puppy.  But I would like to have more optimism that I'll find a puppy sometime soon. 

If any of you reading this happen to know a good Cavalier breeder, please be sure to let me know!

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Betty Hechtman said...

Good luck finding a puppy!