Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Party Time!

It's now the last month of the year, the holiday season.

That also means it's time to party!

I attended a really fun holiday party of the Sisters in Crime Los Angeles chapter last weekend--on the same night I also attended a really fun party thrown by a friend.

Weekend after next is the holiday party thrown by the local chapter of Mystery Writers of America, and I plan to be there, too.

And a couple of days ago I participated in a particularly enjoyable Winter Holiday Online party on Facebook where I posted some fun stuff and answered questions and gave away a prize.

There are other events going on, too--some with family, some with friends.  It's definitely a busy part of the year.  Almost enough to make me forget upcoming deadlines... not.

No, I'll work everything in somehow.

I'm sure the rest of you are busy, too--but I'd love to hear what you're up to during this eventful holiday season!

1 comment:

Betty Hechtman said...

Your parties sounded fun. The only party I've gone to lately was the shower i gave for my daughter in law.