Wednesday, January 25, 2017

I'm Here!

Yes, I'm here.  That doesn't sound unusual--except that I returned from a trip yesterday.  My husband and I visited our older son and his family in Indiana, including our grandsons--a fun trip!

Another somewhat fun thing was that while flying toward the Los Angeles International Airport, I saw lots of mountains and fields and lawns that were covered in green grass, not brown dirt.  I missed some of the L.A. rain while I was gone but was delighted to see its consequences.

Our younger son dog-sat, and it appears that he made some progress training puppy Cari.  Our older Cavalier Mystie backslid a bit but also took some advantage of the situation and wound up roaming the house loose at night rather than being confined in a room.

And now we're home, with them.  I'm glad--despite being swamped!  Edits, deadlines, writing events and chapter events await--all good but time-consuming.

So I'll stop writing this now.  Great trip.  Will miss the family I visited.  But I'm mostly glad I'm back.


Betty Hechtman said...

Yes, the green on the mountains and hillsides is a welcome sight. You might have missed the rain, but you got the cold here.

Linda O. Johnston said...

Yes, it's definitely chilly, though there's no rain predicted for the next week. But I'm not complaining.