Friday, January 13, 2017


I should have known that the blue sky and splash of sunshine wasn’t going to last. But I ignored the dark clouds to the north and figured the rain was done with us. So I left with no umbrella or rain coat, and just threw on a fuzzy lined hoodie because I did realize it was cold. Cold by Southern California standards. The weather man actually made a brrr sound when he announced the high was only going to be 59. Tell that to somebody back east digging out their car.

I had lost track of the time since most of the day had been rainy with a white sky. The light was flat and gave no hint to where the sun was. It turned out the few rays of sun that showed up were just a salute before it went down. By the time we were driving to Costco, it was dark and suddenly I noticed drops of water hitting the windshield. I can’t believe it, but I actually said out loud, “But the rain was supposed to be over,” as if there was someone listening who would realize this shower was a mistake and turn it off.

The parking lot was a shiny black when we got to Costco and reflected all the headlight. Even with the rain falling and my lack of rain gear, I took my time making sure not to slip. When I went in the store, I forgot all about the rain and was surprised to see the shiny roadway when we headed back to the car, pushing a cart with our purchases.

It started up again on the way home and it seemed like it really meant business. No gentle pitter pat on the windshield this time. There was a subtle roar and I began to consider how I was going to get my purchases across the yard and into the house without getting them drenched. If I got drenched, so what.

Just as I was thinking how different the rain was here than in Chicago where a downpour like that could end quickly whereas here it could go on for hours, we drove out of it. That’s the thing about living near the Santa Monica mountains. There are canyons that when you pass them, the weather can change abruptly. When I got home, there were puddles on the patio as I carried things in, but nothing coming down from the sky.

We need the rain after years of drought. At least where I am, it has been the good kind which means never so much at one time that our street floods up.

The great thing about rain is that for the most part unless you live in an area that floods or has mud that slides, when it stops, it’s over. Tomorrow morning there is a good chance, I will awaken to a clear sky and bright sun. The backyard will be even greener. The puddles in the dirt under the orange tree will have soaked in. And the just like that the rain will be forgotten. Temporarily, anyway. I just heard we’re supposed to get more rain at the end of next week.


Linda O. Johnston said...

Rain here in L.A. is definitely unpredictable, even if its onset is somewhat predicted. Yes, we need it, so I'm not complaining but this season is a strange one!

Gail Smith said...

I flew into John Wayne on Friday afternoon for the Disneyland Star Wars Light Side 10K & 1/2 marathon. I could tell that the rain had been fierce Thursday night by what carpeting & decorations were not out. The weekend was warm in the day, with very cool/cold Saturday morning! Sunday morn was right for a little run with 15,000 of my closet friends.
It was satisfying to see the trees, the mountain outlines, the plants, & freeway signs again. To see all the stucco houses or pretty poppy tiles everywhere. So good to get back to SoCal; I grew up in San Bernardino in the 60's-70's. I tried very hard to keep my water usage down even with ALL the rain. A drought doesn't go away in one season.

Betty Hechtman said...

Linda, just when it seemed like we'd get a chance to dry out, more rain is on its way. And if all the predicted storms hit, it's going to get pretty soggy.

Betty Hechtman said...

Gail, I don't think any of us will take water for granted ever again.