Thursday, February 23, 2017

A New Adventure

Hello everyone. I'm Christina Freeburn and am joining the wonderful and talented writers at Killer Hobbies. I'm excited to joining and sharing with you my love of crafting, writing, and reading. Today, I'll tell you a little bit about myself by confessing my word of the year. When I first saw posts about choosing a word for the year, I thought about it for a few days before giving up. No one word seemed right. Everyone I picked, I talked myself out of why it what's right. But then one found me. Change.

I'm a planner at heart. To-do lists are some of my best friends. My middle daughter always teases me that if there is ever an epic-movie disaster taking place (aliens attack or a Sharknado hits West Virignia), I'm the first person she's calling. Contingency plans, the more improbable the situation means its more likely I've thought about it, are a specialty of mine. The problem with having a love-affair with plans is that a change of the status quo can turn my world topsy-turvy.

A few weeks ago, I left a job. I hadn't planned on it but circumstances required it. There were changes made to policies I couldn't in good conscience comply with so I gave notice. It wasn't what I planned, and some days I question if I made the right decision, but in my heart I know it was right. For someone who thrives on structure, it was hard a decision to make.

Along with planning, I enjoy challenges and stepping out of my comfort zone--as long as I planned for it. I love trying new hobbies (crocheting) and traveling to new places (going to Disneyland...I mean California this year). If the new adventures fit into my goals/plans for the year, I'm set and excited. It's the unplanned ones, the ones I didn't see coming, that have me fretting and questioning what I'm thinking.

This year, I plan to share with the readers of Killer Hobbies my changes. You'll see my adventures through scrapbook pages, other craft projects, bits and pieces of work and progress, and the thoughts I'm brave enough to share.

The most important new to add to my life is new friends I'll meet through Killer Hobbies.

Christina Freeburn
author of the Faith Hunter Scrap This Mystery Series

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Linda O. Johnston said...

Welcome, Christina! You sound so organized, even as things change around you. I admire you! And it'll be fun having you on Killer Hobbies.