Friday, February 10, 2017


Just before I came to Chicago so I could have the peace to finish the copy edits of A TANGLED YARN, I got a new Iphone 7 Plus. I was excited because my previous phone was a hand me down with a very small screen. Since they were both Apple phones, I thought everything would just transfer to the new phone.

Not exactly. I had to download everything to my laptop and then upload it to the new phone. I have an Apple watch and it has to be paired to the new phone. The directions made me a little nervous and I didn’t want to do it in a hurry. So, I traveled with two phones. My old one which works with the watch and the new one that works as a phone. Then there were two Ipads. The old one with all my stuff that doesn’t work well and the hand me down one from my son that still has all his stuff on it. My laptop, of course, along with numerous cords. I almost brought two computers because I was nervous about depending on the Mac version of Word for the copy edit of A TANGLED YARN. What my editor sent me was done on a PC in and showed up very differently on my Mac laptop. I have a PC laptop, too, and was going to bring it just in case. I was beginning to feel like I was traveling on the Noah’s Arc of devices with two of everything. I finally left the second laptop home and hoped I could adapt to the new way the copy edit showed up on the Mac.

The watch gives a local outside temperature. Or it is supposed to be local. I know that it is not 60 degrees in Chicago as my watch says when the news just said the temperature here is more like 20 degrees.

The watch did something else weird when I was traveling. When I checked the time on the plane the watch had changed time zones even though we were still flying and the phone it is paired with only works if it is attached to WiFi. I had no idea what time it really was until the plane landed and I figured out that it was now on Chicago time.

I thought I’d get the new phone working with the watch while I was here but all the warnings came up when I tried to pair them that I want some advice from an Apple store before I click on anything because apparently you can’t undo it when it is once done.

Even with the different way the copy editor’s comments showed up on the Mac, I managed to finish the copy edit. Now when I go home maybe my watch will catch up with the right temperature.

Electronic devices – love them and hate them.

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Linda O. Johnston said...

Yikes. I'm so un-techie that I shuddered reading your post. I need replacement or upgrades of all my electronic stuff soon, and now I'll worry about it eve more!