Friday, February 3, 2017

Double Duty

My writer world and personal world joined forces with a baby blanket. The pattern was for the fifth book in the Yarn Retreat series - A TANGLED YARN. But the plan all along was that the actual blanket I made would be for my grandson who was just on the way when I began knitting it.

I was rushing to buy another skein of yarn for it on the day he was born. I finished it about a week ago, but then needed to do things with it for the book. There were measurements to take, and photos for the project section of my website.

I’m doing the edits for A TANGLED YARN and this is the time that I look over the pattern again to make sure the directions are clear and correct. Linda Hopkins always helped me with the patterns at this point. I so miss having her eagle eye for detail. I so miss having her here.

With the measurements noted, it was time for some photographs. Thank heavens for cell phone cameras! But the photos I took seemed kind of dull. How much better if I had a model.

I love dolls and have a crazy collection of them spread between two cities. They range from a doll so big she wears real kid size clothes to a doll version of Albert Einstein. So when I saw that a catalog had a boy doll that was safe for all ages and zipped open to reveal a heart, lungs, spleen, etc (all soft and removable) I had to get it for my grandson Jakey. I was keeping it until he got a little older. But for now he could be my model.


ldosborn said...

What a great picture ! Hopefully Jakey will have a little better hair control, but the doll is adorable! It reminds me of the first soft doll I attempted to make--I just couldn't get the hair right, so I called it a Cabbage Patch crop failure !

Linda O. Johnston said...

What a wonderful motivation to create a baby blanket--and I don't just mean using it in your book, Grandma!

Miriam Lubet said...

I love the blanket and I can't wait to make it and read the book.