Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Prognosticator - Not!

I am not a good prognosticator.  For example, last week I wrote this:
Later today I am going for a mammogram – my last.  One of the good things – and there are a few – about getting older is that some of the less pleasant medical procedures are no longer done.  This is one of them.

I got a call on Thursday; the technician had detected something in the mammogram picture of my left breast that needed further investigation.  There are not many messages more calculated to raise a chill than that.  It wasn’t a “lump,” they said, but wanted me to come back for another shot at getting a picture of it.

So yesterday I went back and was introduced to a new machine that took 3D pictures.  It took two tries – the anomaly was close to the chest wall and hard to capture – but they got it.  And I’m fine.  The tissue in my breast is “complicated,” however, and I am not to cease getting annual mammograms.  So there was joy in the afternoon, but not a total “whoosh” of relief.


Linda O. Johnston said...

I'm sure that was scary but delighted that things turned out well.

Gail Smith said...

Isn't life grand! Just when you think you are sliding into home base, HA! the whole game tilts one way or the other, and you scramble to find your footing. Happy for you that it wasn't serious or bad; compassionate that you had that scare. It is not fun to wait it out. I raise a glass to celebrate your good news & good choice to continue your mamos.

Betty Hechtman said...

I'm glad that all turned out well.