Thursday, March 23, 2017

Craft Room Organizing: Do I Have To?

Organizing and I have a love/hate relationship. I love to organize my office, books, and even my craft room, until I get down to the small supplies like embellishments and paper. It's the bane of my crafting existence. I can get more crafting done, and it's more enjoyable when it's all sorted, but getting there is a huge battle. I put if off until it becomes so disorganizing I have no choice if I want to craft. And I do love crafting.

Part of my issue right now is that I'm trying to find a system that works now and also in the future when we downsize. We don't have definite plans on when (or even where) we'd move but it's in discussion as our youngest is moving and we'll have way too much house. I don't want to invest a lot of money in new storage items, and want something that works well for crafting at home and on the go. Then there's the actually having to admit to myself which items I will no longer use, and coming to terms with the scrapbooking tools, paper, and other embellishments I bought because of a craze and "everyone is using it" that doesn't fit my scrapbooking style. During the last five years, I've fortunately embraced my style or scrapbooking and haven't bought items that now have me wondering what was I thinking.

One of my newest purchases is what I call my die cutting center, and it works for two out of three needs: now, future, but it's not as portable as I'd like. It's great for around the house and I can wheel it from my office into my craft room area but it's not good for retreats. Though, I don't see myself taking two machines to retreats. When we move, we're not taking my mammoth desk so this is a perfect unit for my Air, Cameo, and accessories. The paper scraps are stored in the drawers and make it easier for me to find a color I need, and it takes less time. The only problem is I have to pack up all my scraps when I'm cropping on the go. I have two plastic zippered pouches I use but am going to try an accordion folder next month. I spent a bit of time sorting the colors so I hate the thought of jumbling them back up only to resort wen I'm back home.

The next item on my list is stickers and other embellishments (brads, stickers, fiber, and eyelets...the last item I just might let it go).

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