Thursday, March 9, 2017

Cropping on the Go--What to Pack

Tomorrow is the annual Spring Rotary Crop in our town and I once again am staring at a huge pile of scrapbooking supplies on my cropping table. I usually keep an album project packed that I only work on at crops but I had wanted to work on some pages this winter so I took out some items, and other of my on-the-go cropping staples had made their way into my office. So I had to go on a hunt and gather mission. Now, it's time to pare down and pack because I know I won't use everything that right now I plan on bringing with me. We get six feet of cropping space, which wouldn't be enough for everything I have piled on my eight-foot table.

Since this crop is local (10 minute drive), if I find something I left is a necessity, I can drive home to get it or bribe my son to bring it to me (usually money for gas or fast food works). I like to break my list into two sections: Equipment and Projects. I always pick a specific project so I can limit the types of embellishments I'll need to bring (this crop I'm working on Disney World vacation album).


1. Lamp (the lighting can be dim in some areas of a room so I always bring an OttLite)
2. Extension Cord
3. Duct Tape (to secure cord down, sometimes it stretches across the room...always double check it's okay to use tape)
4. Electronic Die-cutter (I always plan on cutting everything out before the crop but I run out of time)
5. Phone Charger
6. Clamp-on Cup Holder
7. Spinning Tool/Embellishment Organizer
8. Wire Shelf
9. Chair (if I can use our Traverse to transport, I bring my cropping chair from home)


 1. Photos (forgot a pack of photos once so now it's a list item)
 2. Adhesive
 3. Trimmer (personal)
 4. Cardstock
 5. Pattern Paper (designs that go with the project I'm working on)
 6. Precut Die cuts
 7. Chalks
 8. Glitter pens, glitter glue (I like glitter)
 9. Small Ink Pads for Inking Edges
10. Pens
11. Embellishments (stickers, brads, Washi tape that go with my theme)
12. Scissors

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Linda O. Johnston said...

Wow--that's a lot of stuff to bring!