Thursday, March 2, 2017

How I Celebrate Finishing a Book

Yay! It is done. Altered to Death, book six in my Scrap This mystery series, is complete and has flown through cyber space to my editor. Some writers celebrate completing a book with champagne, going out to dinner, or other traditional celebratory ways, but I do so by cleaning and/or reorganizing my office. Since this year my word is change, I'm going with an almost complete reorganization of my writing and crafting space.

Almost as my desk is a huge monster--which I absolutely love--and has two work stations with an attached cabinet so it's not moving. I have one table section for writing which holds my calendar, filing boxes, and now also is the place for often used writing books (dictionary, thesaurus, Chicago Manual of Style, The Elements of Style). The other section was supposed to be for editing or making die cuts but has turned into a catchall area.

Currently, one section of my desk is nice and organized while the other areas are still a mess as I'm paring down bookcases, and the displaced keep books, and crafting items that need return to their proper spots, are on the other areas of my desk. I'm in the process of purging a bookcase of the books I also have Kindle copy (figured I can let go of the print copy) and some for projects I'm no longer going to write.

The first task I completed was setting up my cutting machine unit. My Cameo and Explore Air 2 are now in their new home and I can't wait until I'm finished with the office to try out the new system. (After, sewing a cover for my Air 2. In looking at the picture, it looks a little under dressed.) The machines use to reside on my desk, but it was hard to use the writing area to spread out a manuscript when one of the die cutters lived there. Now, that they are also one wheels, I can roll them out to my cropping area when I'm using them for scrapbooking and not just cutting out embellishments. Some months it seems that making die cut embellishments is my real hobby and not scrapbooking as I'll make the cuts and then put them in a box for later use. I've found that while I might not be in the mood to scrapbook, I find it relaxing to make the titles and character I know I'll need for an album.

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Linda O. Johnston said...

Wow, I admire you, Christine--finishing a book is a happy event, and using it as a reason to organize is a wonderful idea! Maybe I'll do it too, someday... or not.