Wednesday, March 22, 2017

National Puppy Day

Tomorrow is National Puppy Day.  Will I celebrate?  Sure! 

For one thing, I have a five-month-old puppy at home, and part of the reason for the holiday, according to the National Puppy Day website presented by Animal Planet, is to "celebrate the magic and unconditional love that puppies bring to our lives."  That's definitely true with Cari, at least with the people in our household.  I don't believe that our older Cavalier, Mystie, finds her new younger sister magical or loving, although it's certainly fun to watch them hanging out together when Cari is wound down for a while and not trying to chew Mystie.

The holiday is also to encourage people to help save puppies in need and to let people know about the horrors of puppy mills--a wonderful goal.

Everyone who reads about me here or reads nearly any of my work knows how much I love dogs, and that in itself is another reason I'm happy to celebrate National Puppy Day.

So... Happy Puppy Day to all of you and your pets, most particularly puppies.  Enjoy, and give your animals some extra hugs today and tomorrow!

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GBPool said...

Every day is National Puppy Day at our house even if the pups are getting on in years. Whether you get the pup from a kennel or the pound, they need a home and love and they give even more in return. Happy Puppy Day tomorrow.

Linda O. Johnston said...

You're absolutely right, GBPool! My pups always come first--the older one and the younger one. Happy Puppy Day to you, too, tomorrow!

Betty Hechtman said...

Just seeing pictures of puppies makes me smile!