Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Weather or Not!

I'm sitting here in Los Angeles on a dry day where the temperature is supposed to rise to about 80 degrees.  It hit 90 degrees here recently.  And I'm thinking a lot about those of you in the east and elsewhere who are experiencing perhaps the worst snow storm of the season. 

I understand cold weather and snow.  I grew up in Pittsburgh and never imagined I'd move to L.A.  But here I am. 

I never particularly minded the cold, and I thought snow was pretty but hated to have to go anywhere in it.  I remember days as I was growing up when I wanted to take my little Boston terrier Frisky outside first thing in the morning and couldn't open the back door because of the snow that had piled up there overnight. 

Of course now I could use being stuck in the house as a good excuse to get to my writing.  Hey, I don't really need an excuse.  I'm a full-time writer these days and stay at home a lot to work. 

But for all of you who are snowed in, even for just a short while, I do sympathize and empathize with you.  I hope the weather doesn't slow you down, no matter what you do.

So Happy March, everyone.  And I can't end this without mentioning that May is growing closer.  The weather will hopefully be better then--and that's when my next book will be published Bad to the Bone, a Barkery & Biscuits Mystery.  Then, in June, Protector Wolf, an Alpha Force paranormal romance, will come out. 

And no, no one in those stories is snowed in.

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