Friday, April 28, 2017

In My Own Backyard

I turned my annoyance of having a huge house built in the yard behind us into the plot of HOOKING FOR TROUBLE. That house became the murder house and I was writing the book as the house was being built. Despite the big price tag on it, the house was not even a custom design. Someone we know who buys land and builds house explained it was a Hampton Farm House. He had built a house with the exact same plans and and gave me access to online photographs of the house he’d built.

So as I was writing, I had an idea of what the place would look like inside. When the house behind us was finished and had an open house, I rushed over there anxious to see the place in person. It was an eerie feeling to see the balcony where I had staged the murder.

Eventually the house sold and even though it is on a hill which would allow us to see them and them to see us, thanks to our redwood trees, we can barely see people in the yard and the house is mostly blocked.

And then a week ago, there was a notice of filming left on our front door. It is just a courtesy thing by the film commission, but I recognized the address as the house behind us. They were filming a promo for a housewives show, though it didn’t say which one.

We heard a little of the action since it took place in the yard. I should explain that our back yard faces the side of the house and the side of their back yard. Even with our redwoods, I could see people moving around the yard.

And then the next week, there was another notice of filming at the same house. This time it seemed like it was for a commercial, judging by the name of the company. Again, not really much of a problem for us, but it seems they are making the house into a star. Or someone from a housewives show lives in the house.

Could it be that another plot is literally showing up in my backyard?

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ldosborn said...

Filming of a reality show could lead to good story lines--Housewives, spoiled teen rock star, porn movie set, mafia type crime family, you could go miles with this !!!