Thursday, April 13, 2017

On the Go Cropping: Storage Dilemma

Now that I'm cropping away from home more, the bags and organizers I use to transport my supplies are not working as well. Part of the reason is that I scrapbook differently than I had in the past (use more layered die cuts and dimensional stickers rather than flat stickers), boxes of mystery books come with me as I also do signings at retreats, and then I'm traveling farther distances so more clothes to pack.  Since our children are grown, my husband comes along when his work schedule permits and I must save some space for his golf clubs. I'm a little directionally challenged, so it's nice having a driver. I've found I arrive at my destination sooner and I'm less stressed.

My cropping on the go used to mainly be at a twice a year retreat that's ten minutes from my house. No need to pack clothes and I could leave some supplies behind as if I discovered I couldn't crop with it, it was a short drive to retrieve it, or I'd bring it the next day. It's harder for me to make decisions on what makes the cut when I know I can't return for anything.

The one item organizing item I'm having trouble finding is a tote for 12x12 paper. I like to easily see my options and sort my paper into categories. I have a fabric tote (Thirty-One brand) that I can extend to have an extra section to use either for trash or to store other items in near my table, but it unsnaps when we carry it by the handles. I believed I found the perfect solution at the most recent crop I attended until the owner of the storage unit (a tool box she uses for scrapbooking supplies) told me it's extremely heavy when loaded with paper. So back to browsing the web for other options.

Recently, I've gotten hooked on Kiwi Lane templates so am now on a search for a storage item to carry them. I've been putting them in my rolling tote with my trimmed and other supplies but I'm worried they might get bent or torn. I'm hoping to find something that will hold the templates and also my Stickles (basically it's small tubes of glitter glue).

On April 20, I'm heading out again to a retreat and I hope I can find something that works. I think I'm going to "shop" around my home today and see if there's something I can swap out with the fabric tote.

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