Friday, May 26, 2017

Lots of Reasons to Celebrate

Lots going on again. Now that the contract has been signed, I am happy to announce that the next two Crochet Mysteries will be published by Crooked Lane Books. I understand that it will come out in a hardbound edition, then paperback and an e-book. Yay, paper books. The manuscript is almost finished and I started calling it GETTING HOOKED or THE HOOK UP, but not sure what the final title will be, nor do I have a release date yet.

The other day, I noticed a lot of emails regarding a FaceBook post I had been tagged in. When I checked to see what it was about, I was surprised to see that Lisa A. Kelly had a link to her review site Lisa K’s Book Reviews listing new releases and the audio version of SILENCE OF THE LAMB’S WOOL was included. The same day I got my author copies. I think they did a terrific job with the cover art.

In the midst of it all I heard from the Berkley publicist regarding promotion for A TANGLED YARN which comes out in August. Time to write blogs for her to send around.

I finally got away from the computer and work for the family business and went to my yarn group today. We talk, laugh, knit or crochet and have a great time. We always ooh and ahh about everyone’s projects. We’re meeting in the back of a Joanne’s store now which means a lot of people pass by, all of whom we invite to join us. We had new recruit today. She sat next to me and it turned out we had a lot to talk about.

Afterwards, I went to Trader Joe’s and the clerk noticed my shirt. It is a black tee shirt with a print of the Mona Lisa on it. He started telling me about a book he’d read about Leonardo Da Vinci’s brain, only the books seemed to be about brains in general. We had a great conversation while he rang up my groceries.

It was so great to be out in the world. Now if I can just find the time to get to the gym.


linda osborn said...

It's good (for the budget !) to know paperbacks are coming, but of course there is often several months delay. Die-hard fans like me will probably go ahead and purchase the hardback anyway !

Linda O. Johnston said...

Congrats on all the good news! So glad there will be more Crochet Mysteries as well as audio books. Definitely lots of reasons to celebrate!

Betty Hechtman said...

Linda Osborn, thank you for being a die hard fan. By the way, I took your concern about who went on the Hawaii trip with Barry and put it in the next book. Now I'm calling it All Hooked UP, but who knows what the title will end up being.

Betty Hechtman said...

Linda O. Johnston, thanks for the good wishes. I hope you are on the mend.