Monday, May 29, 2017

Minis and a New Mystery in the Works!

I've been working the last couple months on a novella that I'm glad I decided to finish.

Yeah, it can be a bad habit to start something and then let it sit, or go on to something else. (Happens often in my miniatures. I sometimes need inspiration or a goal. Like the record store and the mini camper... Sideways jaunt here... see what I mean? ha! 

Btw, the mini record store is being glued and nailed now. (See the beginning of the project here. And the outside is painted a beautiful purple-violet with lilac trim. It looks great!  (Yes, it still needs more touching up.) The other side needs to be glued in yet, but here's the colors. Cool, er, groovy, huh? The windows  are pink and hot pink. Deciding on the door color yet. The bottom base has to be painted and stone added also. I may do egg carton stone as it comes out nice and I can color it how I want. Yes, it's made from the paper egg cartons. I'm deciding on a multi-color tile scheme for the front porch entry, too. Lots of colors for this project!

I also found this fabric. LOVE the colors. I might use it for curtains or something, though I still want to try doing some tie-dye. Remember that? 

Oh, and remember that "plant" I mentioned? haaa! Here's the leaves that I have to paint and assemble...

But as you'll see, the main theme for this post: loving what you do!

  Anyway, as I was saying... the novella. One idea can lead to another. It began with my writing Lizzie Borden, Zombie Hunter...  a horror-mystery-historical that explains why Lizzie did it. I loved writing this book.  As a writer, sometimes it takes a while to find the topic that you know you have to write and love writing. For me, it was zombies, and history, and Lizzie.

I've started the sequel, which I've got outlined to about chapter 15. The good thing is I still like what I wrote, too. ha! I let it sit as I had this idea for in-between... a supernatural novella.

The Borden murders were horrific for many reasons, not only for the sheer awfulness of the crime, but also for the idea that a well-bred woman could commit such a heinous crime. You may not know that there was also another axe murder around the same time, which made me wonder in a fictional sense... what if there was more going on in Lizzie's hometown of Fall River, Massachusetts? What if there was some kind of supernatural undercurrent?

It also made me wonder just how Dr. Seabury Bowen, Lizzie's doctor and neighbor, and one of the first on the murder scene, was affected. What if he was haunted by what he saw?

In real life, the doctor seemed to be well-regarded and had a successful career, even if there were some questions about some of his actions and involvement in the Borden case.  In fiction, I saw other possibilities... 

I hope to have this out in a couple months. I'll be revealing the cover and the back blurb  soon. In the meantime, here's a sneak peek at the title...  (at this stage, I'm still deciding between the two colors, though I'm now leaning toward the red....)

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Here's the sneak peek of the book title! 

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