Friday, May 19, 2017

Too Fast

The week went by in a flash. I finished my computer class and now don’t freak out when I look at the home screen of QuickBooks. I was very happy with the class and made sure to let the teacher know and to call Pierce Extension to tell them as well.

I spent mother’s day giving my daughter in law a much needed break and my son, Jakey and I went out for brunch. Jakey sat on my lap the whole time watching my food go by. Even though he is still just on formula, he opened his mouth each time my fork passed and he tracked the fork with his eyes. I think he is going to be a foodie.

After that the days began to flip by and melt together. I’m working on a big scene for the 12th crochet mystery I am calling GET HOOKED or HOOKING UP for now. I have been so focused on the details, I won’t really know if the scene works until I get a chance to stand back and read it over as a whole.

Thrown into the mix, I had to deal with the air conditioning on one side of the house going out and having to get it replaced. We had a seminar which meant preparing all the handouts and then doing my work the night of.

A nice surprise was the arrival of my copies of the big print version of SEAMS LIKE MURDER. I also got the news there is an offer for a big print version of A TANGLED YARN.

Sometimes I just wish I’d get bored so time would seem to standstill.


Linda Osborn said...

Well, GET HOOKED or HOOKING UP could be "romantic" titles--is there a clue here ????

Betty Hechtman said...

Linda, the possible titles aren't really a clue. But then there is some romance in the book.

Linda Osborn said...

We can always count on that bit of romance in all your books ! They really feature such great characters, such interesting plots ! I'm enjoying the knitting series too, but Molly and crew are still the favorites here ! Please announce any book signings in this area==we do have one Barnes and Noble left, on Malvern (may be Anaheim or Fullerton, not sure).