Wednesday, June 21, 2017

And Yes, a Trip

I just spent a long weekend in Minneapolis/St. Paul.  That was because some close family members were throwing parties to celebrate a milestone anniversary, and that meant all other close family members would be there too, including our sons, d-i-l, and grandsons.

And as a wonderful sideline, my mysteries are being published by Midnight Ink--with offices located in the nearby town of Woodbury--and I'd been invited to stop in and see people there.

So was I going to let a little thing like a fractured patella stop me?  No way! 

Of course it helps that my husband is a dear when it comes to doing everything that I'm currently unable to do.

One problem is that I'm unable to bend that knee, or the leg attached to it, and I'm wearing a brace constantly to ensure my good behavior.  That's a bit difficult on airplanes, though I managed. 

Then, the hotel room we stayed in was labeled for handicap use.  It did have wider spaces than the other rooms we saw, plus there were bars along the walls to help me maneuver around.  The shower wasn't exactly fixed for handicap use except for those bars, but I managed there, too.

I was able to get in and out of our rental car just fine, and the venues for all the parties also worked out.  Fun to see everyone and participate in the festivities!

Then, at the offices of Llewellyn Worldwide, which owns Midnight Ink, I had a great time visiting with my editor, meeting others I'd only met previously while working with them online, and meeting even more people on the staff as well.  They worked out a meet-and-greet where I was able to talk to a whole group of people about who I am, what I write, why I write it, and more, plus I answered their questions about me.  Then I signed copies of my books for some of them.  I got a tour of the very nice offices as well.

Now I'm back home with my pups, who were well cared for by our usual pet-sitter.  And I'm looking forward to a time soon when I can return to as normal a life as I can and do more stuff myself.   But it's great that, even with these issues, I can still travel and have fun... plus I'm able to sit at my computer and write.

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