Wednesday, June 14, 2017

California Crime Writers Conference Retrospective

Last weekend, I'd signed up to attend the California Crime Writers Conference in Culver City, California.  I'd thought about backing out because of my bum knee but I was scheduled to be on a panel and didn't really want to back out of that.

Besides, I don't want my temporary disability to rule my life... or at least not any more than it has to.

And so, I attended the CCWC on Sunday, though not on Saturday.

My problem was obvious to everyone there since I was using a walker.  They were all so supportive!  It was fun to see my long-time friends and acquaintances from the local Mystery Writers of America and Sisters in Crime chapters.  The organizations jointly put on the CCWC every other year.

My panel went fine.  The topic was "Rebranding: Changing Genre, Styles, and More" which is a highly appropriate subject for me to talk about since I write in a couple of genres--mystery and romance--including a couple of subgenres of romance.  The panel went well--or at least I enjoyed it and the other panelists, and our audience members, seemed to have fun as well.

I also attended a couple of other panels and the luncheon.  All were enjoyable but I had to figure out in each instance how and where I could sit while keeping my leg straight.  It all worked fine.

So I'm glad I went.  But I'll also look forward to the next one in a couple of years where I'll be able to participate even more!


Betty Hechtman said...

It's great that you managed to get around, but think about how good it will feel when you don't need the walker.

Linda O. Johnston said...

Oh, I like thinking about that!