Friday, June 9, 2017


I tried to take my rewriting of Crochet Mystery number 12 on the road today. So far it hasn’t been that successful. I am sitting in a conference room with a wall of glass which puts me on display to everyone walking into the reception area where our office is.

It is after hours now, but there are still people working here and every time someone walks by, I look up and find them looking at me. Not a good way to concentrate. It takes me awhile to get in the right frame of mind and being on display isn’t conducive to it.

It is one of those times when I find myself staring too long at a sentence and after awhile I can’t tell if it makes sense.

And now the cleaning crew for the offices have shown up. More distractions. I know what is going to happen. I will over come all of these and finally get into the flow and my son will finish his meeting and tell me it’s time to go.

I decided to stop stalling and got back to the rewrite. But there were more interruptions. My phone pinged with the arrival of emails, which I had to look at only to discover they were all junk. My husband called to tell me the kitchen sink was stopped up. I told him to run the garbage disposal and miracle of miracle, the sink was fixed. Then I had to look out the window and admire the full moon. I got back to my work and finally, finally did get into the flow.

It was cut short when I remembered there was supposed to be a fire safety thing starting soon which involved them going into every office and moving furniture around. I packed up my computer and we rushed out before they arrived. By now the sky was a deepening blue with just a hint of orange toward the west.

I didn’t come close to what I hoped to rewrite. Tomorrow I will be in my regular writing spot, for the morning at least. Then it’s babysitting for Jakey. I wonder how he’d feel about watching me type.


Linda O. Johnston said...

Oh, my. Definitely not a good writing day. But I'll bet you'll get going soon. And I'd imagine Jakey will be fascinated by watching Grandma type!

linda osborn said...

I've wondered what type of business you have. You talk about seminars, and apparently have a very nice office building.... as a "senior" citizen now, I often get invitations in the mail for various seminars on investments, time shares, etc. None have had the Hechtman name though. Just curious. You do have a lot of distractions with all the business responsibilities going on ! I'm sure time with Jakey is a good distraction !

Betty Hechtman said...

Linda O. Johnston, it turned out the next day wasn't much better. I had an upset stomach and felt ucky all day. I was, however, able to babysit thanks to drinking coke and eating ginger.

Betty Hechtman said...

Linda Osborn, my son is a financial planner and we put on retirement seminars. Yes, time with Jakey is the best distraction.