Thursday, June 1, 2017

Home Again

We're back home in West Virginia after having spent two weeks in California. I loved the West Coast and am hoping we can go back soon. We had a wonderful time with my husband's cousin and her husband and were sad to leave. It was a full schedule of activities the last two weeks, and I'm finding it hard to get back into my normal flow today. I'm glad to be back, but also am sad that our time in California had to end. I really enjoyed spending time my family and focusing on being together. With all of our different schedules (middle child is 22 and youngest 19, and I usually work in the evenings and weekends), it's hard to find time when we came hang out together.

I miss my oldest and her two little ones as they weren't able to make the trip with us as my oldest had started a new job. We're getting into a new stage of life where there are now five completely differently schedules to work around it makes it hard to coordinate a time everyone is available.

Here are a few picture highlights of our trip:

In-N-Out Burger

Friendship Garden at Balboa park

La Jolla Cove

California Adventure

San Diego Safari Park

The Coast

Walk of Fame

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Linda O. Johnston said...

A lot of those pictures look familiar! Looks as if you were in my territory for part of your trip. Glad it was fun.