Monday, June 5, 2017

Moving Right Along

There are days when I feel like I'm making no progress at all toward my goals. Maybe you feel the same? On these days, it's helpful to actually stop and step back, to take an inventory of what's happening in my life.

1. Started back to Zumba. I was smiling as I read about Betty and her worries about doing the steps properly. I get really tired about halfway through a class. So tired that I can barely keep up. I know this is a temporary response as my body is getting back in shape, but it's frustrating. Betty reminded me to keeping moving and keep my eye on the prize.

2. Working on my room box. I finished the rug, as many of you suggested. Then I made a pillow. However, the pillow doesn't really match the rug, and neither really match the butterfly wing I mounted. This room is severely lacking a theme! Yes, I've added books to the bookcase, and even made bookends, but without a theme, a room box can look disjointed. Sigh.

3. Formatting my Kiki books. So far, I've formatted all but two of the 13 books in the series. I never dreamed it would take so long--and in part, it shouldn't have, but I'm making corrections and editing as I go. I've improved as a writer, and I want my work to reflect that. My husband suggested a big re-launch in the fall, since that's when there's a huge book buying/reading push. That's my new goal. I want to also repackage all the short stories. When I'm done, it should be very easy for a reader to know what comes next in the series.

4. Writing a new Kiki book. Everyone wants to know, "What's up with Brawny?" I'm 20% of the way into that book. I'd like to release it with the rest of the set.

5. Switching over my mailing list. I was thrilled when I got to 10,000 readers on my list. And then I got the bill from my email provider. I thought I'd be sick. My friend Amy Vansant suggested another provider. She's going to help me make the transfer. Thank goodness for friends!

6. Working on the 2017 Creatin' Contest. I was stuck See, I wanted the back of the house to be almost all windows, because that's what this style of house would have. (It's Mid-Century Modern in Palm Desert area of California.)

 So I left space for the windows, but then I saw pre-made sliding windows. First I had to order them, and then I had to enlarge the spaces. Yesterday I tried out my new Roto-Razer saw. I was scared spitless. But I managed to enlarge the windows. I'd also found a pre-made spiral staircase that was better than the one I'd fabricated. Although it doesn't look like I've gotten very far, believe me...this marks significant progress! I couldn't put in the floors until I worked out the stairs and the windows. I couldn't do the wall covering, and I will have to redo the shelves by the fireplace.

Whew. I guess I am making progress.

Okay, help me with a theme for my room box. Is the owner a butterfly collector? A botanist? A devotee of Eastern Religions? A world traveler? A lover of all things country? A cat lover? HELP!!!


Ellen said...

Not a book lover - there are too few books, that is not a reading chair, and there are neither a raven nor a writing-desk. Cat-lover would go over better with a cat bed somewhere in the room. There are two old-ish objects in the room: the mantel clock, and the book nearest the right. There's lots of space on the shelves or mantel, just waiting to be filled. It'd be easy to do antiquarian with just a few tweaks -- more old objects for the mantel and bookcase. And replacing the butterfly wing with a sampler would be a good touch. Maybe an antimacassar on the back of the chair?

Joanna Campbell Slan said...

Fascinating observation. Hmmmmm...

Linda O. Johnston said...

It certainly sounds to me as if you're making progress!

Gladys Paradowski said...

Do you collect anything? I collect fancy bird houses and also Coca-Cola items. Right now my den shelves are filled with dozens of Coca-Cola items. At Spring time I fill the shelves with the fancy birdhouses. Both get lots of comments and compliments from guests. At Christmas Season I replace the above items with Christmas-themed items. The changing of the d├ęcor ends monotony for me and my friends.