Friday, July 21, 2017

A Tangled Yarn

I was surprised by the arrival of my author copies of A TANGLED YARN. It is always exciting to see the actual books. I’m afraid the release has snuck up on me again, though I still have a little time.

I remember my agent describing the process when I had turned in the first manuscript in the Crochet Series. I would be writing one book, while going through edits and copy edits of the one I’d already turned in, and at the same time dealing with an upcoming release. Even after writing seventeen books, I’m still getting used to the process.

I’m leaving for Chicago and taking my work with me. I still have to update my website, get photographs of the projects for A TANGLED YARN, which is further complicated because I can’t find the samples I made, so I’m making new ones. But I’m also working on the samples for the manuscript I just turned in, which will be coming back with edits soon. I sent in a couple of blogs to use for a blog tour and I’m in the process of ordering bookmarks.

And I just started writing the next Yarn Retreat book. The plot came to me when I was flying back from Seattle.

My son is meeting me in Chicago. He’s coming from a business trip in Minneapolis. We had it all figured out how he’d get there first and rent a car and pick me up, but now there’s a monkey wrench in the works. I got an alert from American Airlines that strong thunderstorms are predicted for Chicago and could affect my flight. I imagine they’d affect his as well.

He had it all planned that we’d stop for pizza at his favorite place on the way from the airport, but that could all change is the flights get delayed and everything is closed by the time we both arrive. And raining besides. I tucked a tin of cookies in my suitcase so we won’t starve.

He’s just staying for the weekend. It’s always a different experience when he’s with me. It’s is pretty much a lot of going places and a lot of eating. I’ll be staying on when he goes home. The Crochet Show is in a suburb and I’m hoping to make it out there to see some of my yarn friends. And then there’s all the work I’m bringing with me. I also have some Chicago friends to see.

All good stuff!


Linda O. Johnston said...

I hope all goes well on your trip despite the weather. I checked Chicago weather this morning, too, since I have family in the area, and it definitely sounded wet.

Anonymous said...

It is amazing that you actually find time to write, you are so busy flying around doing "interesting" things !!! I will receive the yarn mystery on the first, preordered. Do you have a date for release of the next crochet book? We must be sure who that third bride is !!

Linda Osborn said...

For some reason the "prove you are not a robot" removed my name...again ! Linda Osborn

Betty Hechtman said...

Linda, the storm showed up as I was flying in. It didn't delay me much, but my son was delayed over 8 hours. I began to feel like I lived at the airport.

Betty Hechtman said...

Anonymous, the next Crochet book is written and turned in. I don't have a release date yet and I'm not sure what the title will be. It is a challenge to make deadlines and go places. I always take work with me.

Betty Hechtman said...

Linda, sorry about that. blogger seems to have a mind of its own.