Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Birds in Our Backyard

As I sit at my desk working at my computer, I can see parts of our backyard, including a power pole the rear portion of our upper patio.  We now have a hummingbird feeder hanging at the top of our patio, and it's really fun to see the birds stop and taste the liquid within in--something we purchased to feed them.  It may be empty right now though, and sometimes, after sticking their long beaks in the shallow bowl at the bottom, the hummingbirds will fly toward the window as if reminding us it's time for a refill.

Also fun is that we have hawks around.  A young one has been sitting at the top of the power pole lately, and mockingbirds will fly at him as if telling him to move on.  Mockingbirds do tend to be bossy around here--even flying at my dogs earlier in the spring, in nesting season.

Then there are the crows.  A lot of them.  Yes, we get murders of crows!

Those aren't the only birds around here but they are the most prominent.  Nor are birds the only wildlife.  My husband has been trying unsuccessfully to protect the peaches on our backyard tree from squirrels. 

And this all in an urban area of Los Angeles!

Anyway, I'm spending a lot of time on my computer as usual--mostly writing and editing.  Hard to believe this year is half over already...

What birds are in your area?

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