Friday, July 28, 2017

Having Fun with Photos

I'm still in Chicago. My son went home and after all our running around, I had to get back to work. A TANGLED YARN comes out next week. I'm behind as usual and had to get everything together to update my website. I sent most of it off to my web guy Wednesday night, but I'm still working on the photographs of the projects.

The featured knitting projects are called Wanda's Four-For-One. Basically, a similar pattern can make a wash cloth, a baby blanket, a head scarf and a shawl. It's always a challenge to take an interesting photo. Well, except when I'm here and have my doll model.

I decided to have her wear the head scarf and to take the picture on the front porch. As you can see she is quite a large doll, you could say almost human sized. As I was dragging her outside and and moving her around, I had a thought of how it all might look someone in the building across the street. The all have front balcony's and it was a nice day and someone easily could have been sitting outside enjoying the breezy evening.

And then I began to imagine a Molly Pink moment. Someone would have seen what was going on and thought that Molly was either abusing someone or maybe trying to kill them. Either way there would have been cops involved. I imagined a sharp knock at the door and a deep voice announcing they were the police and I was to open up. And then I laughed thinking of the look on their faces as they looked around for the victim and saw the doll.

She has caused a few problems. I left her positioned looking out through the door to the front porch and after I went home, I got a frantic call from my neighbor saying that she thought someone was in my apartment.

The really funny part is that when my mother got her and showed her to me, I didn't like her and now she's become one of my favorites. I know that my mother would love that I was using her as a model.

Tomorrow I am going to set up a photo shoot of her using the wash cloth.


Linda Osborn said...

Good grief ! This time my comment disappeared completely. Anyway, I love the lady in red. She must be the grandma to a similar little girl I made years ago. She was used in the window of a bookstore, sitting in a little chair with books spilling over her lap and to the floor. wish I knew what happened to her ! Linda O.

Linda O. Johnston said...

Say hi to your doll model for me. I hope you and she have a fun photo shoot!

Betty Hechtman said...

Linda Osborn, I'm sorry your comment disappeared. Blogger sometimes has a mind of its own and does weird stuff. So you made dolls. Wow. The bookstore display sounds wonderful. I have a lot of unusual dolls, though I only made one of them. I hope to make more in the future.

Betty Hechtman said...

Linda Johnston, It is fun arranging the doll. And I think using her as a model makes the photos on my website more interesting.