Thursday, July 6, 2017

The Last Edit

It is done. Altered to Death. Book 6 in the Scrap This series, is complete and back with my amazing editor. There will be another edit to do when I receive the ARC, but it'll be for proofing rather than changing any of the story elements. I'm always a little excited and sad at this stage of writing a book. I'm confident all the story elements are in place and can't wait to get it to readers. But I'm a little woebegone that it was come to end. This time, I have never been so happy to know the book has reached its The End.

And it's not because I don't love the story. I enjoyed writing this one and getting to know one of the secondary characters better. He's always been a bit of comic relief in the other books and it was fun to get to know him. The last chapter is usually my favorite one to write as it flows out of me. I can sit when it's complete and smile at how it ties the book up perfectly...except for this time. I liked the ending when I originally sent it but a tiny voice said something might be missing. I tweaked it during the first and like it better but it didn't seem to have the spark I wanted. It had the seriousness and further growth in a relationship, but it had a melancholy feel to me.  

During this last edit, my editor mentioned that there was a storyline that should have a solid ending so I added it in. The ending was better. But still "sounded" to me like the book was ending on a serious note. Not what I wanted. I played with it some and it was too light-hearted. Next try, it was blah to me with no heart. I decided to leave the end alone and take a few days off to scrapbook. My brain needed some time away from the story. 

Fortunately, that was the case and after some downtime fro writing, I was able to smooth out the ending so it had the tone I wanted, a mix seriousness with anticipation and happiness for the new chapter beginning in my heroine's life.

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Linda O. Johnston said...

Congrats on finishing the book--and figuring out how to get the ending the way you wanted it!