Thursday, August 10, 2017

At Home Crop

Last weekend, I had planned on attending a weekend scrapbooking crop retreat out of town. Unfortunately, I had to cancel my plans as I was still in an air boot for a foot injury and couldn't drive that far (nor pack and unpack all my supplies) with the boot. It was too cumbersome to move around in. Instead of completely giving up my scrapping weekend, I invited a friend to come over to my house for us to crop. It had been a long time since we had time to hang out and craft together.

My plans for a four-day crop away from home turned into a three-day crop at my home. There were some pros and cons to the switch of venue, but all in all it was a fabulous weekend. Cons: laundry (I tried staying away from chores but they kept calling to me), dishes (another chore that wouldn't leave me alone), missing the scrappers I crop with in Ohio. Pros: didn't have to pack up my supplies, if I forgot anything downstairs it was a quick trip, food costs were low, sleep in my own bed every night.

I got eighteen layouts done which is about my average for weekend crops. I'm almost done with our Disney Vacation album, and for a little change of pace, I scrapped some pictures of when my husband and son went golfing and fishing while the rest of us went to Disney.

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Miriam Lubet said...

I think the people who shop in the bookstores where you sign your books are lucky because they get the book, your autograph, and a book mark.